• Traditional Roofing Systems
  • Unbonded PVC System
  • Fully Bonded Waterproofing Systems
  • Basement Torch Applied Membranes
  • Self-Adhesive Membranes
  • Cold Applied Cementitious Waterproofing System
  • EPDM Roofing Systems
  • Spray Applied Membranes
  • Traffic Deck Coatings
  • Anti-Carbonation Systems

Al Bawakir Unicon Waterproofing division has more than 20 years of experience in Qatari Market in all kinds and systems of Waterproofing, Concrete Protection, & Traffic Deck Coatings. We are specialized in all fields & sections of waterproofing systems including but not limited to Tunnel Waterproofing, Roofing Works, PVC tanking systems for basements, and spray applied waterproofing for bridge deck.

Our scope of work:

1. Traditional Roofing Systems: We are specialized in traditional roofing system using torch applied membrane along with insulation & protection screed as per QCS requirements.

2. Unbonded PVC System: Al Bawakir Unicon has a very wide experience in Unbonded PVC compartment system which needs a very special experienced application skills as it is offering the client the optimum solution in terms of leakage control through injection of compartments, also this system is now approved in all of Ashghal tunnel works.

3. Fully Bonded Waterproofing Systems: We are specialized in application of various types of fully bonded waterproofing systems such as mechanically bonded systems (T-Lock Membranes) & chemically bonded systems (Pre Applied Membranes) which are very common in Qatari Market.

4. Basement Torch Applied Membranes: We have a very big experience in basement torch applied double layer system which is very common for footings foundations & non deep rafts.

5. Self-Adhesive Membranes: Self-adhesive membrane is the specified system in all Stadiums projects. We have great experience of application in such kind of systems which are very fast in application & giving very watertight solutions.

6. Cold Applied Cementitious Waterproofing System: We are specialized in all types of cold applied cementitious systems which can be used for internal surface of water tanks & wet areas.

7. EPDM Roofing Systems: We are specialized in EPDM roofing systems which is commonly used in hospitals & health centres.

8. Spray Applied Membranes: We are specialized of applying all kinds of spray applied membranes for bridge deck coatings & tunnel roof waterproofing which requires a very high technical capabilities and specialized applicators with special spraying machines.

9. Traffic Deck Coatings: Also we are specialized in all kinds of traffic deck coatings & all ranges of Epoxy & Polyurethane systems for car parks areas, as we have a very good project references all over Doha.

10. Anti-Carbonation Systems: Anti-carbonation market is a booming market in all infrastructure works. We have a great experience in such kind of works all over Ashghal projects in Doha.