• Medium Voltage Department
  • Extra High Voltage Department
  • Low Voltage Department
  • Street lighting Department

AlBawakir Unicon Electrical Division is one of the few companies in Qatar which has succeeded to gather all the Electrical Business related approvals from the Local Authorities under one roof. With the experience of its qualifed engineers, skilled technicians and professional resources, AlBawakir Unicon has proven a successful track record of business at the most prestigious projects in Qatar from Low Voltage to Extra High Voltage ranges of power.

The company is specialized in the following areas:

  • Kahramaa Grade A approved Contractor for low voltage networks
  • Qatar Cool approved contractor for 3.3Kv networks and chilled water plants
  • Kahramaa distribution approved contractor for medium voltage 11Kv networks and substations
  • Doha Port approved contractor for 22Kv networks and substations
  • QAFAC approved contractor for 33Kv networks and substations
  • Kahramaa transmission approved contractor for 66Kv and 132Kv networks
  • Ashghal approved contractor for street lighting networks
  • AlBawakir Unicon contributed successfully in most of the prestigious projects in Qatar including Lusail City networks, Barwa City, Lusail Expressway tunnels, Mall of Qatar, Msheireb Downtown, The Pearl Qatar, Doha Port, Qatar Foundation networks, Orbital Highway, E-ring road, Dukhan Highway, Qatar Cool plants, Arab Research Center, Al Biddaa Park and many more. AlBawakir Unicon Electrical Division is a reliable partner for successful completion and delivery of all electrical range of works with the best quality and on timely manner.

    Medium Voltage Department

    Our Services and scope of work as an approved vendor contractor:

    1. Excavation & Backfilling: Being a Kahramaa approved contractor for MV works, we are doing excavation for underground cabling for both MV and LV ranges.

    2. Cable Laying: Pulling all range of MV/LV cables on cable trays, inside duct banks and in open trenches.

    3. Jointing & Termination: performing all types of joints and terminations for all cable ranges.

    4. Testing/Commissioning and Energization

    5. Cable Fault Location: whenever MV/LV cables are having any type of fault, fault tracing and locating with the latest modern equipment’s shall be done.

    Installation, Testing and Commissioning of MV/LV equipment’s

  • MV switchgear installation: performing the complete assembly and installation for 11 KV switchgear panels with our Kahramaa approved fitters as long as other various ranges, 3.3 KV/22 KV/66 KV under direct supervision from the panel manufacturer.
  • Power transformers installation: all ranges of distribution transformers and power transformers are being positioned and installed by our approved Kahramaa fitters and our experienced electricians.
  • Package substations installation: with wider ranges of substations installation, we are also installing all types of package substations with licensed Kahramaa approved fitters.
  • LV panels installation: all types of LV panels including MDB’s, SMDB’s, DB’s, capacitor banks, generator panels…etc.
  • Testing & Commissioning: pre-commissioning tests on all types of panels including protection testing and on all types of transformers shall be performed before energization process which is witnessed by client.
  • Civil works:Substation construction: as per Kahramaa specifications, we are executing distribution substations including all kind of civil and MEP works till the delivery to Kahramaa.

    Extra High Voltage Department

    Activities and scope of work:

    1. TRENCH EXCAVATION: Being a Kahramaa approved contractor for EHV/HV works, we are doing excavation for underground cabling for both EHV and HV ranges.

    2. CABLE LAYING: All ranges of EHV & HV cables including (33Kv/66Kv/132Kv/220Kv) cables are pulled using professional equipment and tools as per the approved method statement.


  • FTB/ CBS backfilling over cables including cable tiles installations
  • Layer wise backfilling (5 Layers) are done by using sieved backfilling material (0mm75-mm size)
  • Layer wise Compaction is done by compactor roller as per the requirements
  • 4. Joint Bay Works:

  • All Joint Bay concrete works are carried out as per the approved drawing and as per QCS.
  • Installation of Pre-cast / site cast Joint bay is done as per the approved drawings
  • 5. FO CABLE LAYING: Fiber optic cable installation is done by air blowing technique through 40mm HDPE pipe along with the power cable route.

    6. REINSTATEMENT: All reinstatement (Interlocks/Asphalt/ Garden shall be carried out as per Kahramaa, Road Department / Concerned Municipality requirements.

    Low Voltage Department

    Scope of Work:

    1. Road Work (Tunnels, Underpasses and underbridges)

  • Providing engineering studies for tunnel lighting systems including lighting design and calculations, load schedules, shop drawings, …
  • Design of tunnel lighting and programming as per Project specifications, QCS and CIE88.
  • Lighting fixtures supply and install as per design requirement.
  • Electrical rooms: supply and install of distribution boards and control panels for lighting system.
  • Cable management system supply and install and per the project requirement
  • Cables laying and terminations with our certified jointers licensed by Kahramaa.
  • Supply and install of all feeder pillars and service cabinets including all the coordination with Kahramaa customer service and Kahramaa various departments.
  • Supply and install the required concrete foundation required for service cabinets and all kind of outdoor panel boards and feeder pillars.
  • 2. High Rise Building LV works supply and install.

  • Building substations work including LV panels, ATS, capacitor banks and power generators.
  • Busduct system.
  • Vertical cable risers and cable management system with all required lifting tools.
  • Electrical rooms design and implementations including SMDB’s, DB’s, CBS panel, …
  • Engineering studies for all power distribution inside the building.
  • Achieving shop drawings and as built as required.
  • Various system for high rise building such as Lightning, earthing, power distribution, cable tray and trunking, lighting system (interior, exterior, aircraft and landscaping lights), power network, central battery system, access control, gate barrier, CCTV, fire alarm, CO system, …
  • Integration between systems.
  • Applying for kahramaa inspection and approval for LV works inside buildings.
  • Applying for civil defense inspection and approval.
  • Street lighting Department

    Scope of Work:

    We provide the following services in Street Lighting Works:

    1. Street Lighting Design according to QHDM and LRDP including:

  • Lux Calculation Design
  • Shop Drawing Preparation
  • SLD Preparation
  • Voltage Drop Calculation
  • As Built Preparation
  • 2. Street Lighting Installation work including:

  • Street Lighting High Mast Assembly & Installation of Different Heights, Multi-segments (30 ,25 ,20mt, …)
  • Street Lighting Poles Assembly & Installation Different Heights, Multi-segments (5mt up to 16mt)
  • Street Lighting Cables Laying, Connection
  • Feeder Pillars Installation
  • 3. Underpass Lighting System Installation Including:

  • Cable Trays System Fabrication & Installation
  • Controlling System Installation
  • Different Cables Types Laying (Modular Cables, Fire retardant LSZH cables …etc.)
  • 4. Earthing System Installation including drilling:

    5. Power Supply Connections for Street Lighting and Traffic Signals including:

  • Following up KM Procedure starting from Service Notes Application request up to Conducting the Shutdown and Energizing
  • LV Cables Laying, Jointing, Termination
  • As Built Preparation
  • 6. Testing and Commissioning including:

  • Cables Continuity and Megger Test
  • Earth Resistance Test
  • Lux Test
  • Underpass Functional Test
  • Feeder Pillars Functional Test
  • Photometric Test in coordination with Luminaries Supplier